Monday, April 13, 2009

DJ Robin Hood 2009

Back in the wild heyday of my misspent youth I was a DJ for an early 90's experimental radio station called "Radio Free Hawaii".

Radio Free Hawaii's claim to fame was that its programming was determined by weekly votes submitted to the station by listeners from all over the state using a ballot system. Folks got to vote on the 10 songs they wanted to hear, and the 3 songs they wanted us to stop playing.

The songs and artists were tabulated each week and the top 36 songs went into high rotation that week.

The station was on the air for about 6 years (91-97) and for a good run of that time I was the Midnight to 5am DJ, "Robin Hood" (don't ask)

Recently I've been playing around with the internet radio site Pandora and have crafted a sampling of the kind of show that I think I'd be producing today if RFH was still on the air...


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